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Our Story:

Based in Southern California and established by veterans with over 50 years experience, EasySet was founded in 2018. Our mission is to make the world a safer place, one assessment at a time.

With roots in the U.S. Marine Corps and Israeli Security Services, serving all over the world on aviation, maritime, diplomatic, corporate and executive protection missions, the EasySet founders decided to solve a time-consuming dilemma persistent throughout the physical security world... conducting and writing physical security assessments. 

Following years of administering security assessments with clipboards and scratch paper, spending hours or even days compiling and writing reports, we decided to re-think the process.

Using our unique backgrounds in physical security, intelligence, and technology, we share a deep understanding of the wide scope of security threats, from both the protective and adversarial vantage points. 


Meet the Founders

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Alexander Feil, CEO

A former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Sniper Platoon Commander, Alexander is a tech guru with expertise in physical security and intelligence. Mr. Feil has been conducting assessments for over 10 years and currently serves as the CEO of EasySet.

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Oded Gelfer, President

A 30 year veteran of the Israeli intelligence agencies, Oded has a wide range of expertise in security the intelligence fields. After conducting special counterterrorism operations and security assessments around the globe, Oded transitioned into the private security sector cofounding EasySet in 2018.

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