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Mobile App & Web Editor

How do team assessments work and how many accounts do I need?

To conduct an on-site inspection in teams, have each member of the team sign in to the same EasySet account (using the same username and password) from the mobile app or web editor. Teams can inspect the same facility together, in real-time, or conduct two separate assessments at the same time.

Can I add notes to my report?

Using the mobile app or the web editor, you may add notes in any location within the report, which reads, "Add Notes." ALL notes taken will NOT be included in your final report. These notes are designed for internal team use.

Does EasySet provide a list of references?

At the end of every report, you will have an automated list of references. You may edit, delete, or add to this list of references. Our database contains references to ASIS, FEMA, U.S. Secret Service, and much more.

Is EasySet available on Android or Iphone?

EasySet is available on for both iOS and Android devices.

Can I customize EasySet with my own content?

Each EasySet user has his/her own private database of pre-written assessment content in addition to what EasySet provides. Users may add to there private database from the web editor by selecting any drop-down menu in the body of the report and selecting the option, "Other." All content will be saved permanently to the user's database.

Does EasySet work on iPad?

Yes. Although EasySet is currently made for smart phones, users may download the app using the iPad. Follow these steps: 1. Open the App store on your iPad. 2. Search for "EasySet." 3. In the top left corner, tap "Filters." 4. Tap "Supports" and change "iPad only" to "iPhone Only." 5. Download the EasySet app. 6. In the top left corner, tap "Filters." 7. Tap "Supports" and change the settings back to "iPad Only."

Can you access the web editor from a tablet device?

The EasySet web editor may be used to conduct on-site assessments in real-time using a tablet device with reception or wifi. Access the web editor using the Google Chrome browser for the best results.

Does EasySet require reception or wireless connectivity?

Yes. EasySet requires the user have wifi connectivity or minimal reception for use.

Can you conduct the inspection with a clipboard and transfer the information to EasySet?

Many of our users prefer to conduct the on-site assessment without the app. With a clipboard and camera, simply complete the inspection, head back to the office and log in to the EasySet Web Editor. From the web editor, create a new report, and transfer your notes and pictures into a comprehensive pre-formatted report.

Report (Purchase & Download)

How do I preview my report before purchase?

If you'd like to preview your report, open the EasySet web editor, and select the desired report. Click "PDF Preview" in the top left corner. A watermarked preview will generate. To remove the watermarks, individual reports or report packages may be purchased through our website or by contacting our sales team at [email protected]

Can I white label the assessments?

EasySet does not take any 'credit' for your report. EasySet upload your company logo to your profile, and it will be automatically included on all future assessments. You may also change or replace the logo per report.

Can I edit my report after it has been purchased?

Purchased and finalized reports may be edited and re-downloaded an unlimited number of times for a period of 90 days. After the 90 days, the report remains with the user but is "Archived." To un-archive a report, it must be purchased again.

How does the business model work?

EasySet provides flexible plans to support the entire spectrum of the industry, from consultant to corporate. In addition to EasySet's "Pay as you Go" plans, which includes 1 downloadable report and 6 months access, EasySet also offers our Enterprise pricing for organizations that require 10 or more assessments per year. Based on the user's requirements, a license period and report-based usage cap (within that period) would be applied. For example, a user may choose to purchase a 1-year license and 30 reports. That user may draft an unlimited number of reports. Of those reports, the user may choose which one to download watermark-free. When the license period expires (there are no report roll-overs), the user would choose to re-subscribe and select a projected number of reports for the coming year.

Privacy & Security

How does EasySet secure my data?

EasySet was built with security as a priority. To protect your data, EasySet engineers have designed a multi-layered approach, mitigating any potential attack surface. Numerous embedded features such as data encryption, expiring tokens, siloed architecture, firewall implementation, and more. To learn more about our internal cybersecurity measures, policies, and procedures, please contact us directly.

Who can see my data and how is it stored?

EasySet's strict terms and privacy policy permit only two designated EasySet Officers who, if the scenario arises, can access a user's report for technical support only. User data is not viewed, shared, aggregated, analyzed, or backed-up. As a result of our "no-backup policy," ALL data deleted by the user is deleted from EasySet's servers in real-time and cannot be recovered.

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