The Current State of School Security

"Safe and Sound Schools has issued its State of School Safety Report for 2018, which presents the results from a national survey exploring perceptions of school safety among parents, students, educators, and the general public. The findings offer insight on current and future potential threats, as well as how preparedness can address safety risks.

Read the full report, HERE

Survey findings also revealed:

  • A substantial communication gap exists between educators and other stakeholders, namely parents and students.

  • Students deserve a seat at the school-safety table.

  • Threat assessments must expand beyond school-based shootings to include other common threats to school safety.

  • Schools need to involve a team of experts in planning.

  • A difference in safety perceptions exists among schools with fewer than 500 students.

  • Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Safe and Sound Schools has worked to better protect schools in partnership with school communities, national school safety experts, mental health, fire, law enforcement professionals, and more."

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