The First Fully Customizable Vulnerability Assessment App

What's New?

Now, with the EasySet platform, you can save custom content into your secure private library. Users may apply this content to all future reports directly from the EasySet App and web interface. Now your account and database are uniquely yours, making your library tailored to your specific industry.

You can customize EasySet specific to your industry. Whether you are installing security hardware, if you specialize in assessing schools, industrial facilities, official installations, VIP properties, etc. you have access to your secure private library wherever you go.

Head out to the field with your customized mobile app, inserting custom content into your reports in a click! Build your assessments in real-time, faster than ever before.

How it Works

Attention: Once you save any title or content using “Other,” the entry will be saved indefinitely. Under our current version, users will only be able to edit the custom entry in each specific report as you would edit any content from the native EasySet library. Create the title and content carefully, so it may be used for your future reports.

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