What is EasySet? - The Security Assessment Report Generator


EasySet is a seamless toolset for the physical security professional which includes BOTH the iPhone app and web interface. The app rapidly expedites field evaluations of a facility and generates all of the written content within your report in real time. It intuitively guides the user through the assessment process in the most efficient manner possible. Document vulnerabilities with ease, take photos for your report and insert as many pre-written or custom solutions as you like.

When your walkthrough is complete, simply log into your EasySet web interface and you will find a fully written, comprehensive physical security assessment report from start to finish.

Virtually all fields are editable, so the assessor may enter as much (or as little) text as he/she likes. Upload photos, tables, maps, etc. it's your report, we just make it Easy.

Go to today to save time and money on your security assessments.