Read this before you write your next physical security assessment report.

For decades, security professionals have struggled to provide their clients with comprehensive, timely, and efficient physical security assessment reports. The typical assessment includes endless hours of writing, editing, compiling and formatting. With EasySet save over 75% of your time previously dedicated to the manual processes required to produce your assessment.

Let's put the clipboard down....


Introducing EasySet..

The mobile app and web interface are designed to save countless hours of your time and thousands of dollars. Using the EasySet app, conduct a better physical security assessment in a fraction of the time. Complete your security inspections faster and more efficiently than ever before with the mobile app. Head back to the office to quickly edit and customize your report in any way you please using the EasySet web interface.

What is EasySet?

EasySet is composed of two security tools. First, your mobile phone app used on-site to conduct your assessment and walkthrough which automatically builds your report from start to finish, including all report content, images etc. Second, your desktop web interface which serves as the EasySet dashboard where you can edit, brand, and customize your report in any way you please. Once you are satisfied with your final report, use the web interface to purchase and download a stunning PDF, impressing your clients with a professional security assessment every time.

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Our Team is confident you will be satisfied with EasySet which will save you and your company countless hours and thousands of dollars. Download EasySet today from the app store, and create your free web account. We are eager to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the EasySet experience.