The Ultimate App for Security Consultants


Security consulting is a tough yet gratifying business. As security professionals, we understand and know too well the reward of walking away from a client knowing we have done our job and as a result, people are safer.

In most cases, assessing a client's physical security, whether it is a school, office, residence or sports arena is at the core of our work. As servants of the communities we live in, we want to do our best, provide the best product to our client in the fastest manner possible. Although this is our goal, a business must go on and to assess a site's physical security is a process that takes time... a lot of time.

Physically walking the grounds of the property, inspecting everything in detail, the perimeter, access control, cameras etc. and documenting your observations while doing so is a cumbersome and time-intensive task. This is only a fraction of the work ahead.

Next, the assessor must write, compile, organize, upload images, edit and proofread all in an effort to provide the client with a comprehensive and timely physical security assessment report. Typically, the larger the site, the time commitment exponentially increases. This is where EasySet is here to assist you and your business.

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EasySet is composed of two seamless security tools. First, your mobile phone app is used on-site to conduct your assessment and walkthrough which automatically builds your report from start to finish, including all report content and photos taken on site. Second, your desktop web editor which serves as the EasySet dashboard where you can customize, add content and brand your report in any way you please. Once you are satisfied with your final report, use the web interface to purchase and download a stunning PDF, impressing your clients with a professional security assessment every time.

Big facilities take time to assess. Even with teams, valuable time is lost coordinating, compiling, assessing, and formatting information once the assessment is complete. Deploy teams of assessors equipped with the EasySet App. Simply log in to the same account and start your assessment. As members assess the vulnerabilities and provide solutions within the app, all users will see these additions in real-time. Further, supervisors may log in to the EasySet desktop interface to monitor a report's progress ongoing in the field.

EasySet is the tool the security industry has been waiting for. Login to EasySet today and enjoy the time you save using this tool.