4 Tips for the Security Professional: Physical Security Assessments with EasySet

You have downloaded the EasySet mobile app, created your web interface account, updated your profile info, and are ready for your first physical security assessment. You head out to the facility with the EasySet mobile field app. Here are a few tips to make your professional physical security assessment even better.

easyset physical security assessments

1) For a great looking cover page, rotate your phone to landscape mode and take your photo. If you prefer, while building your report in the field with the mobile app, try documenting your findings landscape mode as well to take your photos. Landscape images look great in the final report.

easyset physical security assessments

2) Can't find a vulnerability or solution in the EasySet database? Not a problem. Simply select 'other' and customize the content in any way you please. With EasySet, the only limitation is the assessor's imagination. When you're finished, feel free to submit your suggestions to EasySet on After review and approval, your knowledge can be shared with the EasySet security community!

3) Never type in your company info again. In your EasySet profile, fill out and save your company and professional information preferably before making any new reports. The info will auto-populate in all your reports, automatically inserted for your convenience.

4) Assessing a facility with multiple floors or buildings? EasySet has you covered. Using the mobile app in the field or the web interface, you have the ability to create a "new building." Each new building created automatically creates an additional interior for your assessment. Feel free to label these additional "buildings" or "interiors" however you please, for example, "floor 1, floor 2, etc."

EasySet. Physical Security Assessments for the security professional.

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