EasySet Upgrade: Our Newest Feature Making EasySet More Powerful than Ever!

What's Old?

Every security consultant conducting vulnerability assessments has most likely created a personal spreadsheet or library full of commonly used vulnerabilities, solutions and best practices utilized to expedite the report writing process. EasySet has streamlined this concept by providing you the capability of creating and accessing your own custom database within EasySet, easily available in the field or in the office.

What's New?

With the EasySet platform, you now have the ability to save custom content into your own secure private library. Users may apply this content to all future reports directly from the EasySet App and web interface. Now your account and database are uniquely yours, making your library tailored to your specific industry. Head out to the field with your customized mobile app, inserting custom content into your reports in a click! Build your assessments in real-time, faster than ever before.

Populating your Personal Library

Entering content into your library is easy. It is so easy that we encourage you to think twice before making an entry as not to spam your library with mistaken entries over time. With this powerful feature comes responsibility!

Simply log in to your web account and create a new report. Begin by selecting the section where you would like to enter your new custom content. Then while choosing the area, vulnerability, or solution, simply select "Other" and begin your library entry. Fill out the appropriate fields and save the entry.

Attention: Once you save any title or content using “Other,” the entry will be saved indefinitely. Under our current version, users will only be able to edit the custom entry in each specific report as you would edit any content from the native EasySet library. Create the title and content carefully, so it may be used for your future reports.

How it's Being Used

Integrators are finding this feature very helpful by inserting content as it pertains to hardware and specific security equipment unique to their field. Adding unique solutions, for example a specific camera type/model serves to tailor each report to the customer's needs and your expertise. Additionally, consultants and security professionals working in a specific niche field now have the ability to address custom vulnerabilities, areas, or solutions unique to their discipline. For those of us assessing more generic facilities, this feature streamlines the assessment process more than ever before.

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