Grow your Security Consulting Business today with the EasySet App.

Conducting a physical security assessment was once a time consuming and often painful task. Depending on its size, assessing a facility can take several hours or even require multiple assessors to inspect the property. Once the survey is complete, piles of notes and photos must be arranged, translated, edited, formatted and printed for your client to receive.

This is precisely the problem EasySet aimed to solve. From the physical walkthrough of the facility to clicking "print" on your computer, EasySet drastically reduces the time an assessment consumes expanding your business capabilities and most importantly, saving time and money.

risk assessment template

1) Faster Security Assessments: Using the EasySet app, conduct a better physical security assessment in a fraction of the time. Complete your security inspections faster and more efficiently than ever before. Head back to the office to quickly edit and customize your report in any way you please.

2) Efficiency: EasySet not only streamlines the process, it provides a systematic approach to the assessment ensuring all vulnerabilities and solutions are accounted for and automatically organized in a stunning report for your client.

3) Quality Physical Security Assessment Reports: Each vulnerability and solution has been carefully entered into our database. All you need to do is identify the vulnerability, tap, and EasySet will do the rest. Pre-written vulnerabilities and practical solutions are neatly organized within your stunning PDF report, ready before you even leave the site.

4) Security Assessment Teams: Big site to assess? No problem. Deploy teams of assessors equipped with the EasySet App. Simply log in to the same account and start your assessment. As members assess the vulnerabilities and provide solutions within the app, all users will see these additions in real-time. Further, supervisors may log in to the EasySet desktop interface to monitor a report's progress ongoing in the field.

5) Your Brand: We want you and your brand to make your client happy. Customize, edit and alter your report in any way you please, and don't forget to embed your company logo in your user profile so it will appear in all your reports.