How to write a perfect physical security assessment report using EasySet.

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Writing a physical security assessment can be extremely time-consuming. For the security professional, the process of assessing the site, compiling notes and photos, describing each physical vulnerability, and finally recommending solutions can take several days of work. Not to mention the frustration of tweaking and arranging the format of your assessment report for client presentation.

Those days are over.

The EasySet app and web interface do all the hard work for you by systematically guiding you through the assessment process and generating a stunning PDF report for your client.

Here are a few EasySet tips for writing a perfect physical security assessment report, every time.

1) Cover Photo: Don't forget to take a striking cover page photo of the client's site. Rotate your mobile device to landscape for best results!

2) Add multiple vulnerabilities to one area: Simply select the area where you observe a vulnerability, document the issue and add solutions. See another vulnerability? Simply tap "Add Vulnerability" to highlight multiple issues applicable to one area.

3) Make it your report! Log in to your EasySet web account to upload your logo, promote your credentials and market your company. Edit virtually all of the content in your report however you please. Upload photos, maps, blueprints,'s your report.

4) Camera Tip: Try taking your photos in landscape mode and previewing your report. You may prefer this appearance for your final PDF.

The EasySet team is committed to making our world safer, one assessment at a time.