#1 Physical Security Assessment App in the Industry

EasySet is a revolutionary yet fundamental approach to physical security assessments. The mobile app and web interface, created for security experts by security experts, are designed to optimize the security assessment process, start to finish. This is what we deliver:

Speed: EasySet was built with one goal in mind. Create a security assessment tool for the community which provides experts with a balance of creative freedom and structured efficiency. With this goal in mind, our team reduced the assessment process by up to 80% from walk-thru to final report.

Customization: Within the security industry, there is no such thing as a fixed "template." We provide the tool, and you provide your expertise. EasySet allows the freedom to edit every and all fields within the assessment and even create your own database. Easily add custom vulnerabilities and solutions accessible only to your account. Even upload risk analysis, crime stats, blueprints and more using the web interface.

Security: EasySet is protected by state of the art security ensuring your data is protected to the highest industry standards. Learn more by contacting our team.

Efficiency: Streamline the assessment process regardless of project scope or size. Assess large sites with teams simultaneously or supervise an employee's progress from the office in real time.

Professionalism: With EasySet, we guarantee a comprehensive, actionable, and professional assessment every time. Download your final report in PDF format for print or email with the click of a button.

Like all professionals, we believe in training. Take advantage of our online training videos or sign up for EasySet's free, interactive live training sessions with our staff.

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At EasySet, we believe in making our world safer one assessment at a time. Download EasySet today and begin securing your community.

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