Writing & Grammar Tip: Vulnerability Assessment Reports with EasySet

Professionalism is a central pillar in the security industry. Our clients expect the best, relying on us for physical protection, consultation, and most importantly peace of mind.

With professionalism comes credibility. Like any currency, credibility can be lost or earned. In the business of writing vulnerability assessment reports, typos, grammatical errors, or just poor writing can cost credibility and even cost us a client.

EasySet will do most of the heavy lifting. Guiding you through the on-site survey from the field, building your report on the backend, pre-written content and all, from start to finish. But when it comes to your written professional comments, observations, and custom entries you want to make sure they are written to the best of your abilities.

In addition to EasySet, the perfect tool to help make your assessment writing better is here. Download the free Grammarly Chrome Extension which works seamlessly with the EasySet web interface to improve every sentence of your report, making sure your assessment meets the highest quality standards of professionalism.

Whether your editing EasySet's pre-written vulnerabilities and solutions or adding your custom content, the Grammarly extension ensures superior writing every time.

Grammarly’s AI-based writing assistant uses powerful algorithms based on machine learning to check your writing and provide suggestions and corrections. The free version will catch spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. The Premium version can also help with the clarity and effectiveness of your writing by providing feedback on issues such as wordiness, vagueness and hedging, word choice, sentence structure, and plagiarism.

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EasySet and Grammarly are a match made in heaven. Ensure your clients receive perfectly written, stunning physical security assessments every time.

Download and activate the Grammarly Chrome browser tool by clicking the Grammarly logo below. It's that simple.

Let's make this world safer one assessment at a time.