Re-Thinking the way we conduct vulnerability assessments.

If you are in the business of conducting physical vulnerability assessment reports, then EasySet is a no-brainer. Users save over 70% of their time building assessments and can provide their client with a stunning report every time. EasySet was built by security professionals, for security professionals to solve a persistent headache in the industry, writing vulnerability assessment reports.

Whether you are assessing schools, infrastructure, businesses, houses of worship, installations or hotels, EasySet is your solution. In addition to our preloaded database of thousands of vulnerabilities and solutions, you may also create your own database within EasySet.

The mobile app and web editor serve as your interface, providing a quick and easy way to take photos on site, document vulnerabilities and solutions as well as access your custom database.

Although you cannot see it happening, your report is being built (on the backend) as you conduct your walk-through. When the walk-through is complete, log into your web account, and your report is virtually complete from start to finish, pictures and all.

Simply download your finalized PDF assessment, and hand it off to another satisfied customer. With EasySet, gain efficiency, uniformity, customization and more. Most importantly, get your time back and make the assessment worth it.

Sign up with EasySet today and get your vacations back.