Making Vulnerability Assessments Profitable with EasySet

Whether it's Fort Knox or the local preschool, every site's security begins with a security assessment. No two facilities are alike as they all have unique operational patterns, are located in a unique area and are vulnerable to different threats, whether man-made or natural.

Physical security assessments take time, resources, money, and patience. EasySet puts security assessments back on the menu of profitable business services for your clients. The platform saves over 75% of your time both on site, and in the office editing your assessment.

While on-site conducting a vulnerability assessment, the EasySet app acts as your 21st Century clip-board, pen, and camera, all rolled into one. Just follow the 4 step EasySet sequence to record each vulnerability efficiently and suggest expert solutions.

If you are the type, who remains true to the traditional strategy of taking handwritten notes and photo....we understand. Conduct your assessment on-site, manually taking notes and pictures as you go. Upon completion, log in to your EasySet web interface, and using your notes as a guide, build your assessment in half the time using the web interface. Upload photos taken on site in a click!

If you're in the business of conducting physical security assessments than EasySet is for you.

Create all many draft assessments as you wish, all FREE. Only pay for and download your watermark-free report when you are 100% satisfied.

Download EasySet today and let's make our communities safer, one assessment at a time.