Who likes writing vulnerability assessment reports?

At EasySet, we believe in a safer future, and it starts with a vulnerability assessment. We don't just provide time-saving software, rather a unique and intuitive approach to physical security. Re-experience the most critical step of protection, the vulnerability assessment, taking your processes into the 21st Century.

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At EasySet, we want you to focus on your assessment, not on our technology. That's why we've created a simple, yet comprehensive security assessment toolset designed to develop high-quality assessments faster than ever before.

Developed by security experts for security experts, EasySet streamlines the security assessment process from start to finish. Using the mobile app for on-site assessments and the web interface to fine-tune and download your report, create comprehensive, professional assessments faster than ever before.

The EasySet app breaks the on-site assessment process into three steps. Locate, identify and resolve:

1) Locate: What section of the site are you assessing first? Choose from Perimeter, Building, Interior, Equipment, Personnel, and Procedures.

2) Identify: Find a vulnerability? Take a photo with your device, and select the observed vulnerability.

3) Resolve: Choose from an extensive list of comprehensive solutions including their references.

Repeat this process as you walk through the facility. When you're done, log in to your EasySet web account, and the entire assessment is complete, from start to finish. Simply edit any field of your choice and download a thorough, professional assessment... every time.

Our mission: Equip the security community with the best tool possible to generate comprehensive physical vulnerability assessments and provide our communities with actionable security assessment reports to the highest professional standards.

Made in the USA, EasySet is a veteran-owned company located in Los Angeles, CA. With roots in the United States Marine Corps and Intelligence Community, the founders, Mr. Alexander Feil and Mr. Oded Gelfer, decided to solve a known problem in the security community. If you have any questions about EasySet or would like to contact our team, please don't hesitate.