Live Demo - EasySet - Physical Security App

Over the next few weeks, as our nation braces for the storm, there will be many ups and many downs. Between those ups and downs, there will be time. Time to be with loved ones, time to learn, and time to pay our respects to any and all affected by this virus. To quote the SEALs, "Start singing when you are up to your neck in mud."

That said, I'm sure many of you will be working from home. We wanted to take this as a learning opportunity to share a demo of EasySet guided by our CEO, Alexander Feil.

EasySet was designed to virtually automate the physical security assessment process, from walkthrough to final report.

If you work in corporate security, executive protection, work as a consultant and find yourself with a few minutes to spare, and a desire to learn something new, watch this EasySet product demo. Enjoy.

Stay safe.

The EasySet Team