Updated: Jun 18, 2020


EasySet now includes a new library of COVID-19 report content to include disease-specific vulnerabilities, mitigation strategies, and their references. Quickly walk through a facility with the EasySet mobile app while compiling your COVID-19 related vulnerabilities and recommendations per the CDC, WHO, and OSHA. New guidelines featuring procedural adjustments, capacity limitations, signage, policy enforcement, and protective equipment are all available on EasySet in a click.

Instantly access your custom library of COVID-19 specific content from your mobile app while conducting a field assessment or from the web editor. After choosing the "COVID-19/Pandemic" section from Easyset, available to all users, choose from a list of categories to assess, including Physical Distancing, Symptom Screening, PPE, and Procedures.

After selecting the category, choose the deficiency—for example, Personal Protective Equipment Requirements. Finally, select the applicable recommendations, which include options such as Medical Face Masks, Non-Surgical Face Masks, Protective Transparent Barrier Installation, Hand Sanitizer Installation and more.

Seamlessly integrated into the EasySet platform, our new COVID-19 library will give you a new indispensable tool to add to your arsenal.


Another exciting announcement is our newly improved EasySet Elite Word download capability. Now for the first time, seamlessly download your assessment in word format for full customization, including colors, fonts, image sizes. Enhance, annotate, and edit photos to take full control of your report.


EasySet features a simple yet granular analysis toolset to assess risk and priority for vulnerabilities observed during the walk-thru. Not only does each EasySet Risk user have access to these features, but also the ability to customize every aspect of the feature. Feel free to customize risk level definitions, colors, values, or even symbols. Translate the default qualitative risk toolset to a quantitative feature providing your unique risk score. The possibilities are endless.

At EasySet, we're continually improving our product based on user feedback and experience. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on ways our team can make your life easier, don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.