Physical Security: Art & Science

Physical security is both an Art and Science. There is no one size fits all answer. So when it comes to conducting an assessment, the security professional must take into consideration a multitude of variables to include the functionality of the facility, the personnel inside, it's assets, equipment costs, hours of operation etc. Anyone with a lot of money and tolerance for very heavy security can equip a facility with barbed wire fencing, attack dogs and a platoon of guards. But when the entire functionality of the facility is impaired by its security operation... well, this is bad security. Within the ocean of information to consider, we must ask ourselves the following:

1) How do we deter an attacker from considering to take action in the first place?

2) If the attacker is determined, how do we prevent them from gaining access (overtly or covertly) to the facility beginning with the perimeter?

3) If access is gained how do we prevent/delay further advancement into the facility?

4) If all else fails, do the human assets in the facility have the physical opportunity and plan in place to secure themselves to minimize damage and/or loss of life.

There are many schools of thought as to the best approach, or philosophy of physical security. In Mr. Ben Aubin's article titled, "Active Shooters: An Evolving Threat Requires an Updated Solution," Mr. Aubin highlights many excellent points regarding issues to our current approach, in addition to several solutions he presents. The article takes the thought process exponentially further than for example, the "Run Hide Fight" approach. Definitely worth the read.

Any true security professional will advise that a facility should be fully assessed and examined before implementing unnecessary and costly "solutions." Our objective at EasySet is to provide the most efficient tool for our brothers and sisters in the security community making people safer one assessment at a time. Further, to provide the recipient of each assessment an actionable, professional, and comprehensive report of their current state of security and the way forward.

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