3 Quotes from a Security Professional: "Why I Use EasySet."

John Harlow - Physical Security Professional (14 years) - Atlanta, GA

"The EasySet app allows me to focus on my client and the security assessment. I was honestly tired of fumbling around with my notepad and camera and found it a hassle to translate my horribly handwritten notes. With EasySet, I can focus on my security walkthrough, speak with my client, and save hours of time."

"I have complete control over my report, I can add, edit or delete almost anything I want. It's in the title. It's called EasySet for a reason, so professionals can publish great assessments with ease. The app is a breeze, and the web interface is very intuitive."

"EasySet respects my profession and provides me with a tool, not a report covered in the EasySet logo. It is made for security professionals by security professionals."