Physical Security Assessments

The key to any successful security operation is a thorough physical security assessment report conducted by a professional.

For decades, security professionals have struggled with endless hours of report writing, editing, compiling and formatting. In many cases, reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Not anymore. Introducing EasySet, a comprehensive and easy-to-use web interface and mobile application providing security professionals the ultimate tool to generate real-time physical security assessments on site. Quickly and efficiently assess your client's property, delivering impressive and professional reports every time.

physical security assessment

Designed and built for security professionals by security professionals, EasySet utilizes a secure platform that works for the assessor to efficiently detail and record the examination of the client's site.

An all in one consolidated platform, EasySet automatically syncs with the secure backend in real-time, enabling you to do your job and focus on your security expertise. Simply identify and document the vulnerability, such as a fence that's too short or breach in the perimeter. Choose from a selection of hundreds of proven solutions and their references. Record your observations by taking photos of each vulnerability, all of which are automatically inserted and formatted into your professional report.

For more extensive assessments, EasySet features the ability to deploy "teams" of two or more assessors. Assessment teams have the ability to simultaneously build a single report in real-time, reducing labor hours to an absolute minimum.

When the assessment is complete, a stunning professional report is immediately available for download. Log into the EasySet web interface to fine-tune and customize your report in any way you please. It's your report, EasySet just gets rid of the hassle. With an impressive assessment in hand, your client will have the confidence and information to secure their site in no time.

Speed, simplicity and professional results. Download EasySet today, risk-free.