Physical Security Experts - Security Assessments in 4 Steps!

What makes EasySet such a powerful tool for security professionals?

The answer is what we like to call, the EasySet Sequence.

After years of repeatedly conducting security assessments, our team refined each step along the way, ultimately achieving a simplistic and efficient approach to conducting physical security assessment reports. The platform provides security experts with organized flexibility. Allowing complete customization within a comprehensive framework.

Leave your clipboard, paper, pen, and camera in the office. Save hours of time on-site and in the office, creating a better assessment, faster than ever before. The EasySet sequence consists of four steps. Using your mobile device, log in to EasySet and head out to the field.

Step 1: As you walk the facility, select the section, i.e., perimeter, in the mobile app, which you are currently assessing.

Step 2: Identify the area within the section in which you find a vulnerability, i.e., Fence or Wall.

Step 3: Using your mobile app, record the vulnerability you have identified by choosing from a comprehensive list associated with the area selected. With the app, select the appropriate vulnerability which describes what you've identified. Take a photo and move on.

Step 4: Simply choose the solutions which apply to the vulnerability you've identified. And that's it. You're done.

Now continue walking the facility, repeating this process as you explore different sections of the site.

EasySet was designed by security experts, for security experts. Regardless of scope, whether your clients are Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses or schools, EasySet is your solution for physical security assessments.

Save time and money conducting security assessments while providing your client with the most critical element of the security process, the physical security assessment report.

Let's make our world safer one assessment at a time.