Schools Look for Funding to Upgrade Security

The unfortunate events which have plagued our country, specifically our schools have reportedly encouraged certain US states to allocate additional funding to school security.

According to a Reuters Article authored by Hilary Russ and Laila Kearney "10 U.S. states have introduced measures to increase funding for hardening of school buildings and campuses, add resource officers and increase mental health services." Furthermore, "many of the proposals outlined the need for bulletproof windows, panic buttons and armored shelters to be installed in classrooms." In one case, the "ISD board of trustees approved a $2.7 million expenditure to update the Dallas-Fort Worth area schools’ video surveillance systems over the next year and a half." According to Community Impact Newspaper, there are also plans to install new public-address systems over the summer in senior high schools as part of the effort to reevaluate the facilities’ security technology.

Understood within the security community, every facility's security posture, in most cases, is defined by the purpose and use case of the facility itself. In order to accurately allocate resources to the relevant aspects of a facility's security, each and every facility must be assessed, its vulnerabilities identified, prioritized, and addressed.

A proper physical security assessment can save thousands of dollars and in some cases, even save a life. In our experience, examples of misallocation include schools with guards, but no locks on any classroom doors, or a secured main entrance with a propped open rear fire door.

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