Workplace Safety with EasySet

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

For many organizations, security in the workplace is a top priority which must fuse seamlessly with regular business operations. In the corporate world, security is all about prioritization and minimizing risk.

For some, the cost of security may not be a preferred investment. For others, prioritizing and addressing business security vulnerabilities may be a daunting and costly task... not anymore.

EasySet allows you to identify, prioritize, and solve physical security vulnerabilities in and around your workplace, upgrading what's necessary and spending money where it's needed. The EasySet app will guide you through the security assessment process, ensuring each vulnerability and solution are adequately documented. Any user will find the mobile app's intuitive design easy to use, even for a newly certified security assessment professional. Once you're finished with the security survey walkthrough, generate and print a stunning PDF security assessment and quickly prioritize what needs improvement.

With EasySet, brand, edit and customize impressive vulnerability assessments however you prefer. With EasySet, it's your report, we just make it easy.