Assessing School Security

Updated: May 16, 2018

This day and age, regardless if a school has a large or small security budget, security needs to be addressed and prioritized, ensuring appropriate resources are allocated to solve relevant issues.

The EasySet mobile app and web interface streamlines this process allowing leadership to quickly address the school's security needs.

In many cases, a facility's vulnerabilities are never noticed until there is an incident. As an example, it is frustrating to read about students using belts and cords to secure their classroom doors as referenced in this CNN article, ( All it takes is a physical security assessment, simply identify the issues, prioritize and secure. Applying the simplest of security solutions can truly save lives.

Although there are many useful resources out there such as the FEMA K-12 School Security Checklist (, EasySet provides clarity by walking you through the assessment process, ensuring you don't miss a thing. Identifying, documenting, and solving physical security vulnerabilities has never been easier. When your assessment is complete, download your presentation-ready professional security assessment report.

EasySet | Easy Security Templates is here to make our schools safer, one assessment at a time.