School Security: Step 1

Updated: May 8, 2018

The definition of school security and how we think about safety in our education system has drastically evolved over the past several decades. In 2018, no child or school employee should ever be in a situation where he/she is not provided the best, "common sense" layers of physical security and afforded the maximum time and space between themselves and the threat.

Often times, those seeking solutions to shortfalls within a school facility gravitate towards the installation of security cameras. Although cameras are a great security tool, they must be utilized in the correct manner, and if not, tend to provide a false sense of security.

Having a professional conduct a comprehensive physical security assessment is the solution. The assessor is able to survey the site, identify each and every vulnerability within the context of the school's function and surrounding area. Each vulnerability is then mitigated as the security assessor provides proposed solutions. This allows schools to prioritize their security needs, putting what is necessary before what is desired.

How Can EasySet Help?

EasySet not only streamlines the security assessment survey process, it provides a systematic approach to the assessment ensuring all vulnerabilities and solutions are accounted for and automatically organized in a stunning report for your client.

EasySet is composed of two security tools. First, your mobile phone app used on-site to conduct your assessment and walkthrough which automatically builds your report from start to finish, including all report content and photos taken on site. Second, your desktop web editor which serves as the EasySet dashboard where you can fine-tune, brand, and customize your report in any way you please. Once you are satisfied with your final report, use the web editor to purchase and download a stunning PDF, impressing your clients with a professional security assessment every time.

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It's Free

Generating reports using the EasySet app is completely free. Create, test, and edit as many reports as you like, all free. Only pay when you are completely satisfied with your final report which you may preview, prior to payment, as many times as you like.

Our Team is confident you will be satisfied with EasySet which will save you and your company countless hours and thousands of dollars. Download EasySet today from the app store, and create your free web account. We are eager to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the EasySet experience.