Security Assessment App

Conducting a security assessment can be a time consuming and painful process. From walk-through to printing your report, it takes a lot of time no matter how you slice it. Manually generating your security assessments may be a necessity in order to maintain full customization of your reports and to address each and every unique need of your client.

Not anymore.

EasySet allows you to quickly generate your security assessment on site using the mobile app. Login to your EasySet web editor and you have full control over the additional content you may want to add to your report including specific vulnerabilities, specific solutions, a risk assessment, photos, blueprints etc.

security assessment app

Save hours of time conducting your assessments in teams or as an individual. EasySet systematically will guide you through the assessment process on site. Teams may simultaneously conduct a walkthrough using the same account seeing each other's additions as they go. Furthermore, managers may supervise employees from the office in real-time, commenting, editing, and reviewing the report as its being generated.

Create your EasySet account today and generate report drafts from start to finish all for free!