Quick Tip for Security Professionals

Regardless of credentials or experience, when conducting a security assessment, all experts recognize the importance of taking comprehensive notes throughout the survey.

Problem: We've all been there. Room #77B has insufficient access control. You take a note and photograph the vulnerability. After returning to the office, you just can't recall which room it was as it was one of the hundreds you inspected that day.

Solution: While on-site, just click "notes" on your app where applicable. To make your life even easier, dictate your notes by clicking the small microphone icon on your iPhone. Room numbers, cardinal directions, and personal comments are just a few things we cannot forget.

EasySet Tip: For security leaders and employers, supervising your team while on assessments can be challenging. Now you can remotely supervise your assessors in real-time from the office! Log into the EasySet web interface to observe and interact as your team builds the assessment report from the field using the app. Take notes, add photos, edit, add content, etc. all from the comfort of your office.

Our goal is to fuse efficiency, workflow, and professionalism all in one app made for security experts.

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