Efficiency & Professionalism - Why the EasySet app is Changing the Physical Security Industry.

Updated: May 8, 2018

Why waste time writing similar content, vulnerabilities, and recommendations over and over when EasySet has already done the work for you. Using the app, pre-written yet customizable vulnerabilities and practical solutions are neatly organized within your final report, ready before you even leave the site. Every user will find the mobile app's intuitive design easy to use, even for the least experienced security professional. In a rapidly expanding security industry, gain the competitive edge with EasySet.

Deploy teams of assessors equipped with the EasySet app. Simply log in to the same account and start your assessment. As members assess the vulnerabilities and provide solutions within the app, all users will see these additions in real-time. Further, supervisors may log in to the EasySet desktop interface to monitor a report's progress ongoing in the field.

EasySet not only streamlines the process, it provides a systematic approach to the assessment ensuring all vulnerabilities and solutions are accounted for and automatically organized in a stunning report for your client. There are thousands of potential vulnerabilities and even more solutions. The EasySet app does the work for you, all you need to do is tap or click. Each section in your report, including each vulnerability and solution, is pre-written and embedded into your report on the "back end" ready for you when you get back to the office.

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