New App for the Security Industry - Save Time & Money writing physical security assessments.

How can the EasySet app save time and money? Each and every security assessor has his or her own systematic process to conduct a physical security assessment as well as their own custom report template. One that has been tested over the years and "works." Our staff once had similar systems in place. A systematic well-oiled approach to physical security assessments, assessors with years of experience and a workable but temperamental template on a word processor. And, like a maintained bicycle, it worked! But why ride a bicycle when you can drive a sports car?

Like all good smartphone apps, the concept behind the EasySet app simple and intuitive. Imagine this...

You are inside client's facility, app in hand conducting your walkthrough. On your app, you select "Interior" which takes you to the next screen displaying all of the possible areas found in a facility's interior.

Then you walk into the main office. On your app, you tap "Main Office." The next thing you see is a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities which may possibly be associated with the main office. Tap the vulnerability you observe. Next, take a photo of the vulnerability and begin to determine its solutions. Select all available solutions which may apply. And that is what we call the "EasySet cycle."


If the vulnerability or solution is not available for selection, you can always create your own custom entries.

Throughout your walkthrough, you will reiterate this "cycle" as many times as needed depending on the size of the facility, and the number of vulnerabilities identified.

The true magic of EasySet occurs behind the scenes, while you are using the app during your walkthrough. As you are assessing, your report is built in real time. Meaning, at any point, you can log in to your EasySet web editor account and you will see the report content is all written, including vulnerabilities, solutions, references, scope, disclaimer and more. Now all you have to do is click download on your web interface and your report is complete, ready for the client's eyes.


Download the EasySet app today and create your web editor account. Let's make the world safer one assessment at a time.