Physical Security Assessment App | The EasySet Solution

As your colleagues in the security industry, we want to share EasySet, a tool designed to enhance and rapidly expedite the process of conducting & writing physical security assessment reports.

A Few Time Saving Features

Team Assessments in Real-Time

Deploy teams of assessors equipped with the EasySet App to standardize your company's reports and rapidly expedite the process. All users will see each other's additions as they build their reports in real-time. Supervisors may log in to the EasySet web editor to monitor a report's progress ongoing in the field.

It's Free to Try

Generating reports using EasySet is completely free. Create, test, and edit as many reports as you like, all free. Only pay when you are completely satisfied with your final report which you may preview, prior to purchase, as many times as you like. Only purchase and download your final report when you are 100% satisfied.

Your EasySet Tools

1st, your mobile phone app is used on-site to conduct your assessment and walkthrough which automatically builds your report from start to finish, including all report content and photos taken on site. 2nd, the desktop web editor serves as your dashboard where you can brand, customize, purchase and download your reports.

EasySet is here to make your life easier and our world safer, one assessment at a time. Download EasySet today.