This app will make you more competitive in the security industry.

This app will make you more competitive in the security industry.

EasySet is a tool built by security experts for security experts. The state-of-the-art app and web editor streamline the vulnerability assessment workflow from walk-through to finalized report. Provide your client with a custom, comprehensive and stunning vulnerability assessment.

Why is EasySet so useful for writing vulnerability assessments?

1. Time

The EasySet mobile app is your field tool and your key to success. The app provides the assessor with a simple workflow process including vulnerability identification, documentation, and solution recommendation. Say goodbye to the clipboard and camera. The app is all you need.

2. Convenience

Tired of re-writing the same vulnerabilities and solutions in every report? Included with EasySet, is access to thousands of pre-written vulnerabilities and solutions, accessible from the mobile app or web interface. Insert these vulnerabilities and solutions into your report in a tap while using the mobile app in the field.

3. Customization

In addition to thousands of pre-written vulnerabilities and solutions, users may create their private library within EasySet. Pre-populate and import your custom content to include vulnerabilities, solutions, specific equipment descriptions and pricing, installation fees, etc. Once imported, you and your team can quickly generate custom reports and proposals in a click!

4. Professionalism

Vulnerability assessments are an art form, and therefore each security expert is unique in their approach. EasySet is not the cookie-cutter assessment tool made for the novice but rather a systematic and efficient method of conducting a vulnerability assessment, providing structure, yet complete flexibility.

Head to, check out the quickstart video and sign up with EasySet today.

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