Procedures Save Lives

At EasySet, we know and understand that virtually all facilities can be infiltrated. When there's a will, there's a way. Part of our goal as security experts is to think like the aggressor, identify exploitable areas of the property, and offer potential solutions to our clients.

In a perfect world, our facilities would remain in a constant state of security with the latest technology installed and all entrances and exits locked. But as we well know, this is not the case. A facility is a living thing. Parking, entry, visitors, appointments, tours, after-hours activities, seniors, toddlers, vendors, mail, and so on, all come with unique risks and create a potential attack surface for an aggressor.

There is only one answer to mitigate the numerous variables which define a facility. Procedures. At EasySet we understand the crucial importance of addressing procedures. The "Procedures" section within EasySet provides users the ability to choose from an incredibly comprehensive list of procedural solutions for your clients. By observing or interviewing facility staff, procedures (or lack thereof) are quickly understood. Using the EasySet app, promptly reference and choose from a comprehensive list of procedures for your report.

The truth is, no facility, regardless of structure, equipment and security personnel, is secure without proper procedures. From basic fire evacuation, lock-down and law enforcement coordination, to employee badges and inspection checklists, procedures save lives.

Too many incidents could have been prevented by the implementation of simple procedures.

The physical and procedural infrastructure must work in concert for maximum mitigation at all times. For those who have served in a war zone, the phrase "complacency kills," is very familiar. More than anything, it is procedures which keep us alive on the battlefield. Pre-combat checks, pre-combat inspections, communication, immediate actions, tactics, medical evacuations etc., are all Procedural in nature, which is what makes our military so proficient. Which brings up another critical point. Most facilities do have some form of written procedures, but typically these documents are filed away in an administrator's cabinet. Written procedures are completely irrelevant unless understood by all and routinely drilled.

In a real-world incident, when the sympathetic nervous system is fully activated, changes in hearing, sight, and fine motor skills suddenly occur. It can be overwhelming. In this moment of chaos, when it matters most, your training kicks in.

The simple act of conducting periodic drills can literally save a life. And that alone is worth it.

When it comes to procedures, EasySet is the answer. Quickly access procedural solutions and references using the web interface or use the mobile app to make your selections on-site. Use EasySet's pre-written text as a starting point, adding as much personal content as you'd like.

At EasySet we believe in providing your client with an actionable, prioritized report, explicitly addressing every vulnerability from the physical to the procedural.

Let's secure our communities' one assessment at a time.

Security Experts, Get started with EasySet today.

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