Security Consultants & Managers: This is why your company will save time and money using EasySet

If you have ever written a vulnerability assessment, you know the tedious steps and time investment involved. Using the EasySet app, significantly reduce your survey walkthrough and report writing time by over 60%.

Efficiency: EasySet not only streamlines the process, but it also provides a systematic approach to the assessment ensuring all vulnerabilities and solutions are accounted for and automatically organized in a stunning report for your client.

Customizable: In addition to the thousands of pre-written vulnerabilities and solutions, users now have the capability of creating their own completely private, personal library, all within EasySet. Accessible from the field using the mobile app or from the office using the web interface. Add your customized content to your reports in a click!

Accessibility: There are thousands of potential vulnerabilities and even more solutions. The EasySet mobile and web app do the work for you, all you need to do is tap and click. Why waste time writing similar vulnerabilities over and over when EasySet has already done the job for you. Pre-written yet customizable vulnerabilities and practical solutions are neatly organized within your stunning PDF report, ready before you even leave the site.

Teams: Big facilities take time to assess. Even with teams, valuable time is lost coordinating, compiling, evaluating, and formatting information once the assessment is complete. EasySet is your solution. Deploy teams of assessors equipped with the EasySet App. Just log in to the same account and start your assessment. As members assess the vulnerabilities and provide solutions within the app, all users will see these additions in real-time. Further, supervisors may log in to the EasySet desktop interface to monitor a report's progress ongoing in the field.

Practical: Don't lose clients with generic, lengthy and hard to understand physical security assessments. Each vulnerability and solution has been carefully entered into the EasySet database. All you need to do is identify the vulnerability, tap, and EasySet will do the rest.

Put down your paper and pen, and get time back on your side. Login to EasySet today to get started.