Security Consultants & Integrators - The First Vulnerability Assessment & Proposal App

For security professionals and integrators alike, EasySet is your solution to generating vulnerability assessments, comprehensive bids or proposals, impressing your clients every time in half the time. Communicate your level of professionalism and your company brand giving your client the confidence and trust needed to facilitate your future partnership.

Simply tour the facility using the EasySet iPhone app (Android coming soon), documenting vulnerabilities and recommending solutions for your final report, as you go, and in real time. Pre-populate your custom and secure database within EasySet. Include custom vulnerabilities, solutions, equipment pricing, installation bid, etc. all of which is accessible from your mobile app.

Our team wanted to pass along a few best practices to make your EasySet experience the best it can be.

1. Before creating your first report, make sure to fill out your entire EasySet profile as this information will be automatically inserted into all your future reports.

2. Creating your custom database within EasySet? For best results, log in to your EasySet web editor to add your custom content. At any stage, while selecting an area, vulnerability, or solution, click "OTHER." Fill out the relevant fields and save. Congratulations! You just created your first custom database entry.

3. Its a question of taste, but many users prefer to take their assessment photos in landscape mode when verticle is not required. Makes for a good looking report.

Find out how to create your own custom database below:

Stay tuned for more EasySet tips, making our world safer one assessment at a time.