Changing the way Security Consultants think about conducting vulnerability assessments.

As a security consultant, there is no question, conducting a thorough vulnerability assessment of our client's site is step one, hands down. But there's a catch...TIME.

Why is a security assessment so vital? The answer is simple. You cannot diagnose a sick patient unless you understand the symptoms. But what if it took you so long to properly diagnose a patient that it no longer made sense as a business model.

Although we understand the importance of an assessment, as Consultants, we shudder at the thought of writing another report. Spending hours (or even days) on-site, and spending another 3-6 week just writing the report is a daunting commitment. It is always a tedious and very time-consuming process, no matter how you cut it.

Several years ago, the founders of EasySet, like you, shared the pain of writing assessments from scratch. The cofounder team consisting of a 30-year veteran of the intelligence community and former US Marine conjured up a solution to this systemic problem...EasySet.

The concept is simple. The EasySet platform streamlines the process of conducting a vulnerability assessment from the physical walk thru to writing the actual report. Features include our extensive database of pre-written vulnerabilities, solutions, and references. The ability to customize your private library and assess facilities in teams of two or more are just some of the highlights within EasySet, saving you more time than ever before.

Take the EasySet challenge today. Conduct a security assessment the old fashion way. Then try EasySet. Let us know what you think.

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