Are you in the Physical Security Business? Quickly build Vulnerability Assessments with this App!

Writing a comprehensive vulnerability assessment for a client can be a tough job to tackle. Conducting the walkthrough on-site, although time-consuming, is the least of your worries with regards to time and resource allocation. Writing, editing, and formatting the report is typically the most painful part of the process and is one reason why some consultants turn down these frequent opportunities.

Clients using EasySet report saving 50-70% of their time per assessment by using the mobile app for the on-site walkthrough, and the web editor to fine-tune and download the final PDF report for delivery to the client.

How it Works

Using the mobile app, head to the facility and begin your assessment. By following the intuitive EasySet sequence within the app, you are building your entire report, from start to finish on the back end. EasySet allows you to systematically assess the facility by following a simple method designed by security professionals.

Back in the office, log in to your web interface account, and you will see your report containing photos, vulnerabilities, solutions and their official references. Fine tune your report, edit and download your entire assessment all in a fraction of the time.

Have a large facility to survey? Send a team of assessors logged in to the same mobile app account. They can assess the site at the same time, all from different areas.

Want to customize your EasySet database? Using the web interface click "Other" while choosing a solution, vulnerability, or area. Fill out the appropriate fields, and that's all. Your private database, accessible only by you will be available on your account for all future and past reports.

Don't forget EasySet is free. Create your web account and download the app. Create as many assessments as you like, for free. Only purchase and download your finalized report when you are 100% satisfied with the report preview.

We hope you enjoy EasySet and if you have any questions, our team is eager to help.