EasySet - Modernizing the Vulnerability Assessment Process with an App

Understanding the physical vulnerabilities of a facility is the first and most crucial step towards securing a site. Much like a visit to the doctor, concerns cannot be addressed unless they are first identified and defined by a professional.

Hiring a security professional, much like a doctor can save you from more significant problems down the line. Often, diagnosing the problem is the most critical step in the physical security process. Deciding between guards, cameras, alarms, window film or door locks can be very costly and if not implemented correctly, can completely disrupt operations or make a site more vulnerable.

Inside any modern doctors office, you will find a digital toolset designed to help the doctor quickly document and diagnose the patient. Similarly, EasySet was developed by security professionals for the professional security community. The EasySet app allows users to assess a facility in 70% less time by providing an efficient framework, maximizing workflow while on-the-go. The end product is a comprehensive and stunning physical security assessment report available for print or email.

With EasySet, providing your "patient" (client in this case) with a comprehensive report describing their unique vulnerabilities and offering solutions is easier than ever.

In addition to the app, what makes EasySet genuinely unique is the user's ability to create and access their private database within EasySet. Upload your own vulnerabilities and solutions. Quickly access your private content from the app or from the web editor creating truly custom reports every time.

EasySet is flexible across all sectors in the industry. Whether you are assessing schools, installations, IT, corporate locations, high profile client homes, retail stores, hospitals, arenas etc. EasySet is for you.

Start by creating your first security assessment today. EasySet is entirely free to try. Create your account to get started.