Only 2 Weeks Left! Vulnerability Assessments for Nonprofits - 2018 Nonprofit Security Grants

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

It's grant season in the US when nonprofits from coast to coast are preparing their paperwork to submit for the 2018 Nonprofit Security Grants. Each grant package requires a physical security assessment report conducted by a certified professional. For the first time ever, conducting a physical security assessment and generating a comprehensive report has never been easier using the EasySet mobile app and web editor.

Help out your local non-profit today and assess their current state of security. Find out more about nonprofits here.

This year, $60,000,000 of funding is allocated, and the projected award ceiling for nonprofits is roughly $150,000.

The deadline is in 16 days...6/20/18.


In days past, conducting the security assessment and providing a report was a very time intensive process and often not the best return on investment. EasySet solved this problem.

Using your EasySet mobile app, conduct your assessment on site. Allow EasySet to systematically guide you through the facility, ensuring all vulnerabilities are identified, and all solutions are recommended. EasySet users have access to a comprehensive database full of thousands of selections, allowing you to simply tap and photograph your way through an assessment.

As an EasySet user, you have the ability to create and edit any aspect of your report. Create your own solutions, create your own vulnerabilities, customize your executive summary, appendices etc. It's your report.

Behind the curtain (on the backend), your entire assessment, fully written vulnerabilities and solutions are inserted and organized into your report, from start to finish before you return to the office.

Login to your web editor and you will find a 100% complete report which you are able to customize in any way. Simply preview the report as many times as you like until you are satisfied. Then download and email your final assessment, stunning your client every time.

In addition to FEMA's Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), many states and local jurisdictions may have additional grant opportunities at this time and throughout the year.

For more details on the DHS, NSGP grant go to

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