Why physical security assessments are so often overlooked

As we all know, the first step to good security is a comprehensive assessment. Like a doctor evaluating a patient, we, as security experts, must assess and diagnose the facility looking for different ailments to mitigate. Our task is to identify the facility's unique vulnerabilities and coach the client as how to reduce each potential attack surface.

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of this mission is effectively communicating our findings to our clients in a written report. It is something we all inherently know how to do, but more often then not, we think like an expert, not like the client.

If your doctor gave you a 60-page report after your visit, you'd probably never read it. Your client thinks the same.

When writing your assessment, it is wise to live by this quote, "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter."

Actionable, brief, and comprehensive are the qualities we look for in good report writing. This is easier said than done. But like many challenging missions, there are great tools to assist you in your efforts.

Introducing EasySet, a comprehensive report writing software that generates thorough risk and vulnerability assessments that your client will actually read.

EasySet automatically generates charts, graphs, and tables, all of which visually convey your findings to the client. These visuals not only help the client rapidly understand your report, but it will allow you, the assessor, to more concisely express your findings to the client in your verbal and written communications.

EasySet is not just SaaS. It is a truly intuitive approach to conducting a physical security audit, replacing the "checklist" mentality with actionable reference-based solutions.

Our mobile application allows you to systematically walk the property, identifying and documenting vulnerability and risk within each concentric ring of security.

When your walkthrough is complete, return to the office, log in to your EasySet account from your web browser. Open your report, and you'll find it's nearly written in full, from start to finish. Using the web interface, fully edit and customize your report in any way you please.

Our application is tied into a massive backend database, full of pre-loaded, fully written vulnerabilities, solutions, and references. Our pre-written content applies to businesses, schools, hospitals, and much more.

Your report will consist of beautiful risk charts and graphs, advising the client as to where to focus critical security resources and/or training.

With EasySet, you can even fully customize your very own backend database. Load your private EasySet library up with with your team's custom written content, thus tailoring EasySet to fit your specific needs.

EasySet was built by security experts for security experts, not by technology experts looking to fill a void in the industry. Our team was conducting hundreds of assessments per year using a clipboard and pencil. We have "walked the walk" and built this platform to solve a common problem within the security community, writing physical security and risk assessment reports.

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