Vulnerability & Risk Assessments.

Faster than ever before.

Software Designed to Create Comprehensive Physical Security & Risk Assessments Up to 80% Faster


EasySet is a cutting-edge software platform that streamlines the physical security and risk assessment workflow from walkthrough to final report. Save over 80% of your report writing time and leverage the most extensive physical security database ever shared.

EasySet is a force multiplier for all verticals within the security industry. Decrease labor hours, standardize reporting and methodology while maximizing quality and output. Keep your assets safe, impressing your client with actionable, comprehensive and professional physical security assessment reports every time. 





Writing a Risk Assessment has never been easier and more comprehensive. Designate risk level and mitigation priority on a granular level to each vulnerability observed on-site. Effectively communicate to your client how and where risk resides on a property using intuitive visuals, graphs, and charts.

At EasySet, we believe in a safer future for the world, and it starts with a vulnerability assessment. We don't just provide time-saving software, rather a unique and intuitive approach to physical security. Join our users from around the planet, and re-experience the most critical step of protection, the vulnerability assessment.

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