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Securing Our World,

One Assessment at a Time.

Comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments up to 80% faster. Collaborate with your team, generate risk scoring, and leverage the most extensive database of vulnerability assessment content ever shared. True security begins with an assessment. Sign up for EasySet today.

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Created by Security Experts
for Security Experts.

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Step 1: Inspect

Assess any facility type using the EasySet mobile app. Systematically document vulnerabilities, take photos, and create your report in real time.

Working with Laptops

Step 2: Customize

From your browser, customize, brand, and edit your actionable report. Calculate your facility's risk score generating compelling visual charts and graphs for your report.

Discuss reports

Step 3: Publish

Download and send your reports in PDF or Word* to clients, leadership, and stakeholders. Generate comprehensive security assessments up to 80% faster.

Full Access to the EasySet Database
Customize your Private EasySet Database

EasySet users enjoy access to our proprietary database filled with thousands of pre-written vulnerabilities, solutions, and references.

Customize your very own private database of pre-written vulnerabilities, solutions, and references. Quickly create custom report templates for any industry.

Reporting Uniformity & Standardization

Formalize your company's physical security assessment report templates. Standardize your team's approach and create actionable reports up to 80% faster.


Kyle C.
Security Consultant
(Fmr US Secret Service)

5 out of 5 stars. If I could give Easyset 10 stars I would. I once avoided doing risk assessments, the margins just weren't there. Now with EasySet, I am doing dozens of assessments per year.


Alexander V.
Corporate Security
(Fmr Law Enforcement)

Working in corporate security is all about teamwork. EasySet puts us all on the same page no matter where we are in the world. With EasySet we've done 250% more assessments this year than the previous 3 years combined.


Shannon R.
Executive Protection
(Fmr US State Department)

I can tour the facility in a systematic and organized way with the app. When I get back in front of my laptop, the report is already written for me! All I have to do is edit. Too easy.

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Trusted by the global security industry.

At EasySet, we believe in a safer future for the world, and that starts with a vulnerability assessment. We don't just provide time-saving software, but rather a unique and intuitive approach to physical security. Join our users from around the world, and re-experience the most critical step of protection, the vulnerability assessment.

Protect what matters most.

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