Do Try This at Home - Enterprise Physical Risk Assessment Software

Conducting a thorough physical security inspection is an especially challenging and complex task. EasySet breaks the physical risk assessment workflow into 3 basic steps all of which we make more systematic and efficient. How does it work?

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Task #1: Conduct an On-Site Physical Security Inspection

Solution: The EasySet App - allows teams of inspectors to methodically inspect each site with systematic efficiency and generate fully written reports with photos, on-site, in real-time.

Task #2: Write an Effective Report

Solution: The EasySet Editor -draft or edit your assessment by choosing from an extensive library of pre-written vulnerabilities, recommendations, and references.

Task #3: Analyze Risk and Priority

Solution: EasySet Risk Tools - automatically generate powerful graphs and tables summarizing your data-driven results. Fine-tune and customize risk settings in your user profile.

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At EasySet, we believe in a safer future for the world, and that starts with a vulnerability assessment. We don't just provide time-saving software, but rather a unique and intuitive approach to physical security. Join our users from around the world, and re-experience the most critical step of protection, the vulnerability assessment.